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There are many reasons why people have knee replacement surgery. The most common reason is that there is a tear in one of your patella’s tendons. The other common reason is arthritis (which can be very serious if left untreated). The third reason people have knee replacement surgery is to correct knee damage from arthritis. Before you decide on knee replacement surgery it is important to know and understand the reasons for your knee problem. Our website provides info on knee replacement alternatives
First, let us review what is the best knee replacement alternatives and why. Then we will discuss some possible knee replacement alternatives that can be used for the repair of damaged knee joints. WHY IS Knee Replacement also known as total knee arthroplasties (1):
There are a number of knee replacement alternatives that you may consider if you are looking to fix your knee conditions. If you visit your doctor or physical therapist they should be able to recommend you treatment options based on the underlying cause of your knee problems. Some of these treatments include surgery, physical therapy and medication.
One of the most common knee replacement alternatives is physical therapy. A physical therapist can help you learn how to do exercises that strengthen your knee joints and help you avoid knee pain. By strengthening your weak hip muscles you can improve your balance and reduce the tension that causes knee pain. Regular exercise is also essential in helping to control your body weight. By eating a diet that is low in fat and high in lean protein you can prevent the weight gain that causes joint pain and build up your lean muscles.
You may also want to consider using non-surgical osteoarthritis knee replacement alternatives like Orthomiort, Norgest, and Vastra. Orthomiort is a plastic surgical device that is inserted via the needle. It contains a saline solution that is supposed to create a vacuum that draws the fluid from your hip joint. Norgest is a plastic injection that is made into a pocket in your arthritic knee joint. It contains human growth hormone, a substance that helps increase your joint mobility and strength.
In addition to using non-surgical osteoarthritis knee replacement alternatives you may also want to consider using anti-inflammatory drugs. NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories are a type of medication that can help reduce the swelling of your joints. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories work by reducing the effect of normal prostaglandin production which is what triggers the inflammation of your joints. When your body produces more anti-inflammatory hormones, it decreases the inflammation and pain that accompanies joint injuries.
There are several types of prescription medications that you can take as knee replacement alternatives along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and steroid injections. These include cetyl myristoleate, physostigmine, hyaluronan, methylprednisolone, bromelain, celebrex, cortisone, budesonide, creatine, insulin, creatine monohydrate and alpha lipoic acid. While these are just some of the medications available for you to relieve your knees pain there are many others that work to rebuild cartilage in your knee joints and increase bone density and improve circulation and increase fluid removal through the lungs. The most popular prescription drugs for treating knee arthritis are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and steroid injections.
Many people do not need prescription medications for knee replacement alternatives because they have experienced severe pain already and they do not see improvements with the methods that they are using. One thing that you should be careful about when considering non-surgical treatment is to make sure that it is being done by a certified physician. While there are a few people who have had phenomenal results using these methods, there are also quite a few who experience worse knee replacements results. The reason that this occurs is because these individuals are simply not certified. If you are in this situation you may want to seek out teton orthopaedics services.