Extermination of the Jews – A Declassified Document

The term Extermination refers to the mass murder of people by the German National Socialists (Nazis) during World War II. There were twenty main extermination camps, plus several additional four concentration camp complexes. Between six thousand and twelve thousand Jews and an untold number of others were killed in the Nazi extermination camp system. All this is laid out in the official German documentation of the death camps. As the scale of the extermination increases, the term ‘Extermination’ takes on a new meaning. Click this over here now Exterminator

On 6th July, the Wehrmacht (Nazi Germany) made one of its notorious mistakes – the selection of the incorrect man to be placed in charge of the ventilation of the gas chambers at the Helmshore’s and Wannsee Provinces. This man, Reinhard Heydrich, was appointed as the ” Reich Commissioner for the Prevention of Crimes against the People”. In effect, Heydrich was responsible for the complete gassing of the Jews in concentration camps!

The scale of the extermination at the Nazi concentration camps was immense. The inmates had been reduced to involuntary laborers, who had no rights of exit. They were made to work without regard to their age, race or social status. These were the prisoners who were specially selected by the SS-operatives, to carry out the work of killing the Jews.

The scale of the systematic murder at the Nazi concentration camps was thus very great. In order to carry out the systematic killing of the Jews at the Nazis’ camps, the victims had to be induced to commit unnatural deaths. The most common method of murder used by the Nazis was shooting with live ammunition.

The scale of the killing could not have been completed in a single day. It took months to execute a whole batch of Jews. The first arrivals in the death camp, on the arrival of the German troops, would receive a shooting squad and be killed instantly. The same procedure was followed after each arrival, so that thousands of innocent people would fall dead at the place.

Chelimo was the biggest extermination camp. At the Chelimo camp, the victims were systematically murdered. The procedure of killing was done by shooting with an automatic machine gun or an axe. The victims were hanged, fired upon, beaten to death with rifle butts, or else subjected to electric shock, gas exposure, or poisoning.

The holocaust revisionists do not deny the fact that the inmates of the death camps were exterminated by gas chambers. They deny the fact that millions of Jews were exterminated in this manner, on a massive scale. They claim that the so-called “gas chambers” at the “holocaust revisionists” websites are merely figments of the imagination.

The main argument of the revisionist is that these so-called concentration camps were really mini-mills to use for mass murder. It is true that the execution method did resemble the ovens used in medieval times. However, it must be noted that the Nazis never had the power to stop the mass murders, but only to supervise them. If we consider the total population of Europe at that time, as stated by the Nazi census, we can come to the conclusion that hundreds of thousands of Jews would have been completely exterminated in these so-called concentration camps – even by a margin of tens of percent!

Even worse than the extermination method was the forced starvation of thousands of Jews in these so-called death camps. It is estimated that the victims in these three camps alone received a collective quota of one pound of flesh per day! Compare that to the normal requirement of a human being, which is less than a pound a day.

Even if we take into account the fact that the Germany was not a planned extermination camp, but merely a place where people were shot (and sometimes killed) the total number of Jews murdered in these so-called camps is still relatively high. In the so-called “German” Reich, there were approximately three million Jews. Even if we were to estimate the number of innocent lives taken in the gas chambers of the ” Reich”, we would only arrive at an estimated twenty-five percent. So much for the “holocaust”.

The total number of victims killed in the German “Holocaust” can only be estimated with a great deal of uncertainty. We are still waiting for the International Tribunal to establish the actual figure. If one has to make a guess, it is safe to say that the real figure may well be double, triple or even quadruple what has already been written down. There are no indications whatsoever that the existence of gas chambers or homicidal gas chambers has ever been established in the presence of the “holocaust”.